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Toyota Camry: Midsize Comfort with an Available Hybrid

The Toyota Camry is among the most recognizable sedans on the road wherever you go, including around Mt. Pleasant. The Camry is a truly appealing vehicle with something for everyone; after all, there are seven models to choose from, including two traditional gas engines and a hybrid powertrain. The Camry makes an impression wherever it goes with its bold appearance and sporty driving feel. To experience the hype of a Toyota Camry, come into Everett Toyota in Mt. Pleasant, TX for a test drive. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you in the right direction towards a new or used Camry model. Contact us today for more info!


The All-New 2018 Camry   

Toyota has completely redesigned its flagship sedan for the 2018 model year and one thing is for sure: this Camry is unlike any other in the long and storied history of the brand.

So, what's different about the 2018 Camry?

Style. This Camry has got it in spades. The 2018 Camry sits low to the ground and exudes a sporty vibe that hasn't been present in any Camry in history. This car just plain looks fast.

Here's the best part:

It is fast. Unlike some other automakers (looking at you Honda), Toyota kept the powerful V6 engine option in the 2018 Camry lineup. The 2018 Camry's V6 has actually been enhanced and now offers even more horsepower and torque than it had before. There's also a marked increase in technology features inside the 2018 Camry. Toyota truly covered all the bases when redesigning their perennial best-selling vehicle. 
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Learn about the Toyota Camry's History

The Toyota Camry made its debut in 1983 as a replacement for the Corona. It was designed to appeal to the mass market with a peppy and functional feel. Compared to similar models on the market, it was 6 inches longer and had more power from its 92-horsepower 4-cylinder engine. Toyota redesigned the Camry for 1987 with a more upscale appearance and a cabin that got quieter. The power also increased thanks to the 115-horsepower engine and the V6 that would become available in 1988. This generation also included an increase in length.

For the 1992 model year, the Camry got a more aerodynamic and rounded shape, along with yet another increase in length. At this point, the 4-cylinder engine gave drivers 130 horsepower. The Camry got sportier in 1997, along with newly standard features that included airbags and antilock brakes. Toyota also offered a new base trim that was stripped down, lacking air conditioning and with power windows to help appeal to those on a budget. The trend of the Toyota Camry growing with each generation continued in 2002, when it also gained a more upscale feel. The new 4-cylinder engine had 157 horsepower. For the sixth generation in 2007, Toyota made the Camry more aerodynamic and angular. Although the 4-cylinder remained at 158 horsepower, the V6 was enhanced to reach 268 horses. The Camry Hybrid also arrived in 2007. For the new generation in 2012, the Camry remained the same size, but it got a sportier appearance and a bit more power.


Test-Drive a Toyota Camry at Everett Toyota

The Camry has long been loved for being dependable, comfortable, and affordable, and the newest edition delivers on these promises. Get an idea of the different new and used models available by visiting the friendly professionals at Everett Toyota of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Our team can help you through the selection process. We offer financing right here at the dealership, along with certified mechanics to help care for your new car. Call us to learn more today!